Customer Base

Recreation Facility Asset Management Software (RFAM) has been adopted by the recreation associations in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. The members of these associations have shown an interest in learning more about this solution with many choosing to implement it at their facilities. There are approximately 50 members across Canada using the RFAM product to various degrees. These include: Municipality of Greenstone, Town of Petawawa, Town of Redcliff and Township of Southgate. Various organizations in the private sector are interested in implementing RFAM at their customer sites. Engineering and Consulting Firms want to offer the RFAM to their customers as an augmented product.

The Past
RFAM started with the release of the Inventory module, a place to store information or data regarding capital assets. From basic information such as the physical location and mailing address to a breakdown of the assets that make up the facility (i.e., compressors, furnaces, etc.) and the specific details of individual assets including serial number, useful life and current condition.
The inspection and work order modules were added to the program to assist with the upkeep of assets and compile a record of their maintenance.
The Present
Marmak is in the process of releasing a new module, an electronic warehouse or online store, to organize and track the purchase of supplies for various facilities within the same organization. How is this module beneficial? The warehouse assists an organization to forecast their future needs based on their ability to effectively track their aggregate purchases over previous years.
RFAM has received support from individuals with industry knowledge, this has resulted in the development of more valuable modules – such as the Smart4Cast - that would be of use to both Recreation and Parks staff as well as Treasurers. This module is designed to organize and identify the risks and costs associated to specific assets on an annual basis, thereby ensuring proactive allocation of funds.
IoT sensors are now integrated into the RFAM application, allowing users to track current temperature and humidity readings or collect this data over a period of time. These sensors can also track other functions such as valve opening and closings. The availability of this data gives facility staff the ability to make more informed decisions.
IoT Sensor

IoT Sensor

The Future
Based on input from current users, RFAM is being revamped and redesigned to be more user friendly, offer easier integration among modules and increased functionality to suit the needs of current and future users.
Another valuable tool will be the upcoming release of offline electronic forms. This addition will be useful for staff members that do not have internet access or Wi-Fi connection. While out in the field completing inspections or work orders, the offline electronic forms will allow workers to complete and fill out inspections or work orders then upload them when they get back to the office.
There are numerous opportunities for RFAMs continuous growth such as a financial module that can help determine a break-even point for each facility, as well as a booking module with a pricing algorithm to help facilities be efficient and profitable.
Marmak attends and participates in a number of local, provincial and national conferences. Attending conferences is key to the development and implementation of a new technology.
Marmak attends OGRA, ORFA, MFOA, AMO, RFABC, AARFP, RFANS, and other conferences across Canada.
Marmak will continue to support and attend our partners’ conferences.

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